Thursday, 1 March 2012

World book day

What a fantastic time we had this morning. 

Today is World Book Day -

Year 4 combined their theme and World book day, they looked at the Egyptian story "The Creation Of The World" an on line version is here

Here they are in action and some examples of their finished work.

Making puppets for an Egyptian Fairytale

The Prince

Collage landscapes

3d art

Carefully drawing a figure

Egyptian scenes to colour in
Amber has given instructions 

Making a Cartouche

Copying the hieroglyphs 
 Here is a link to the activity

Art work

Adding colour to the Cartouche

What was special about this name?


Colouring pages

Deaths masks and Jamie's new Egyptian God

Fairytale puppets

The Creation Story



Well done Year 4 you all worked really hard, and a special mention goes to Bailey.

Here is a website full of stories from all over the world.


  1. it was fantastice today i enjoid collage it was so fun

  2. i did a drwing of a man on horse woth long bow it tooma while

  3. it was really fun today the activity i liked the most was making the cartoche

  4. thank you mrs warner i had an exellent day by Bailey

  5. I really enjoyed doing the world book day today It was good I enjoyed doing the puppets I helped amber with her puppet aswell.

  6. i loved world book day especially that story where atum spat out his children it was quite confusing and quite interesting

  7. i loved it this morning i would make it this morning agai if i could

    1. oops i meant i would make it this morning again if i could

  8. I loved the activites this morning thank you mrs warner I really liked making the creation of the world book.

  9. Abbie and Teegan1 March 2012 at 14:27

    We loved it today it was like the best day ever we loved it so much
    Abbie made...
    A puppet
    and a drawing

    Teegan made...
    a puppet
    and a collage

  10. it was so good i enjoyed it it was fun christopher

  11. i loved it today it was great mrs warner made me a book for me too write about egypt it was fun.
    and also i coloured a picture that had pyramids on

  12. You must have worn them out Mrs.Warner because I am with them in the ICT suite this afternoon and I could hear a pin drop if I had one. Mr.walls

    1. They have all worked really hard this morning. Some activities have yet to be finished but I will save them for that "special" day we are planning Mr Walls.

      Don't forget the Quadblog blog is Mr Curtis's Class. Pop over and see if they have been celebrating WBD.

    2. Love our special days as long as I'm there, any clues?Mr.Walls

    3. You remember Mr Walls, I'm going to be borrowing something from your "Tour Guide" friend.

      ssssssshhhhhhhhhhh ....... it's going to be a surprise!

  13. i loved this morning it was spectaclia i loved it i hope we can finish awer great work of soon i also thinc we should do some thing like that again i love doing fun work it s great becouse it is work and it is fun too. my favrot tabel was the one tht had the egyptan colagh on i also like the one that had s mace your one buklate on .

    from ela

  14. That looks great!!!

    from Bryony From Shelley First School

    1. Thank you for your comment Bryony. Did you do anything for World Book Day at school today?

  15. Wow... Year4 that Egyptian art work is faaaaabbbbb! I love the bright colours? Did you enjoy making them?

    Miss Golia
    Cookridge Primary