Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Y4's assembly 5th March

On Monday 5th of March, 25 amazing children performed, sang and shared their work about Ancient Egyptians for parents, friends and teachers.

Introducing the assembly and welcoming our visitors

King Tutankahmun

Sharing some of the art work

Puppets of the Prince and Princess from the Egyptian fairy tale

Explaining what a "Cartouche" is

Paper collage

Hieroglyphics on papyrus paper

Explaining the "Weighing of the heart ceremony"

Parents were invited back to class to see the exhibition of all the work, displays and spectacular games.

Bowling game

King Tut explaining the rules

A busy classroom

Children showing off

Showing their work

Looking at the displays

Explaining the rules

Trying to score 

A very popular game
Well done to everyone. You all worked so hard learn lines for the play and the lyrics for the song.

I am proud of you all.


  1. I thought it was really good every one put a lot of efert into doing it.WELL DONE EVERY ONE

  2. it was really good despite we only had that afternoon to practice i was really nervous:( and can't wait to see the video because mr walls videoed it:)
    can't wait to make the canopic jars:)

  3. it was raley raley fun i had to say, hooks will be used to pull your brain out through your nostirls.

  4. I cant believe you did such a good job on your egyptian assembly as you only had a short time to practice it. You are so confident in front of an audience,using loud voices, smiles and interesting words to describe art work! Well done to you all! sarah (chloes mum)