Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Happy New Year!!

It was lovely to see you all this morning bubbling with excitement about your time off school. Thank you for my presents and cards, you are all very kind.

After my assembly about "Resolutions" we had time for a chat and then got down to some hard work.

In literacy today your task was to write a recount of your Christmas. You had done so much talking about it I knew you would be able to do it.

Here is Ela's plan (this is also going to be posted to the WAGOLL page.

After playtime I gave you a very tricky task to break the code.

I was so proud of Hannah, Olivia, Alex, Ela, Keira and Chloe for being successful code breakers.

Here is an on-line version to have a go at. See if other members in your family can break the code.

Crack Hacker's Safe game here

Number puzzles here

How about Alien hangman? Click here and scroll down

Have you enjoyed your first day back?


  1. Well - what can I say? It looks like you have returned from the holidays fired up to learn. Brilliant to see and what a fantastic looking blog. I will certainly be visiting again to pinch all your great ideas.

    Mr Harrison
    Miriam Lord, Bradford.

  2. Hello Mr Harrison, thank you for visiting our blog.
    The children have been really busy today.
    This afternoon they did some imaginative writing about what Santa will do now he's finished delivering all the presents.
    I'll put some photos on tomorrow.

  3. Welcome back to all Year 4 hope you had a good Xmas though, some of you can't remember!!! Mr.Walls

  4. What great games! I'll get my kids to have a go tomorrow and see if they can do them.

    Mr Curtis
    Vauvert Primary

  5. Hi everybody. Just a quick note to say I am looking forward to being your blog partner this term. I am very lucky and don't go back to school until tomorrow, but when i do will be showing your blog to my Year 5 class.

    Have a great term

    Mr Blower
    Deputy Headteacher
    Lendmeyourliteracy - Director

  6. Some great photos. It seems like you learnt a lot.

    Bye, From John
    Vauvert Primary

  7. it was hard to do this from amber xx

  8. The code breaking was easy for me.

  9. the code cracking wasnt so easy :|

  10. The code breaking is cool ana fun. I hope we could do it again