Monday, 9 January 2012

Our new theme - Pyramids

Today was the first day of our new theme; Pyramids.

In literacy we began to think about what we already know and what we want to find out.

This is what the children want to know:

Having a think

Writing the date in hieroglyphs

Finding information

What I want to learn

Some information found out this afternoon

What is mummification?
Where is Egypt?
How were the pyramids built?
How did the ancient people live?
Was there a famous King?
What are the pyramids for?
Does everyone in Egypt own a camel?
Did Moses float down the river Nile?
What did they wear?
Who were the Gods?
Did they have pets?
Who was Cleopatra?
What did they eat?

Later in the afternoon we researched information and facts using non fiction books. The children gathered all the information on a double page in their books.

Count like an Egyptian

The children used Egyptian hieroglyphs to work out modern day numbers. (It was harder than it looks)
They had to convert the hieroglyphs and then draw them.
Print your own off here

We are all looking forward to this exciting topic and can't wait to see the exhibition at Leeds City Museum.

Here is a game to have a go at. Let me know how you get on.

Here is a link to a Horrible Histories episode on BBC iplayer

When you did some research this afternoon, what did you find out? Write back and tell me.


  1. i like our new theme prymids because its finding information

  2. i am so happy that our new theme is pyramids i love this subject
    from amber

  3. I really really really enjoyed that leson it was brilliant i think im going top like this term:)

  4. I love our new theme.

  5. I love pyrimids and egypit because i am going soon i can not wait.

  6. I like the new theme it is very interesting.Hannah

  7. i have loved this theme so far

  8. hi mrs warner how was your holiday mine was great from bailey

  9. olivia and chloe10 January 2012 at 14:22

    we love our new topic piramids its really intresting cant wait to go to the leeds museum to see the mummys.

  10. did you now that the royal family had to go to a vally called the vally of the queens and kings

    from amber

  11. I loved that


  12. I liked waching them movies today because they tell you lots of infomation about Egypt.

  13. When I found out that our topic was ancient Egypt I was really glad because I've always wanted to learn about how people would make houses and things like that.I learned from the film we watched that they got lots of mud and shaped into blocks and left it out to dry,then they start to pile them up and stick them together ,and then they put all the furniture in it and put a little statue at the top of there house then they have built there house.

  14. I love our new theme pyramids theres so much to learn about.