On this page you will see examples of work the children have done at home to extend their learning.

Here are the most recent examples,

Space invader aliens

Micheala's perimeter work

Dil's simile work

We have been finding out about similes in literacy

Are there any similes you recognise?

Can you think of any other similes?

Olivia's advert

Amber's advert

Amber has done some research at home and make
a question sheet about Solids, liquids and gases

Hannah has been finding out how much different family
members can grab.
Kelis has written an opening for a spooky story

Davey Lee has been measuring objects at home with
a tape measure
Ela has been practising symmetry

James has been gathering data

Kelis and Keira have made this game

Chloe had a go at symmetry

Chloe did this last night following her talk homework

Symmetry work by James

Big Write by Luke


  1. nice work dil it is very good


  2. 34 similes is hard work the similes are very good

  3. I like your simieles dil from dougie

  4. I'm inprest of my self and kieran is doing one too but what kieran's is diffrent to mine it does not open and I give her some idears

    cool dil

  5. That looks and sounds really good well done Dil I wish I could do things like that.


  6. Hi Dill its Dougie I liked the fact that you did therty four similes amazing !!!

  7. Ace Dil that fantastic!

  8. Hi Mrs. Warner Dil really deserved go on the blog because not only does he do work at but he does work at home and some of the similies were fantastic so well done Dil.

    From Callum.

  9. I liked doing the extra homework on SpaceInvaders, and I liked doing it again at school.

  10. Kierans space alien is awesome! It's clever how you have done the patterns Kieran.