Friday, 30 March 2012

Quadblogging over Easter

Unfortunately we have come to the end of Quadblogging with our current buddies and will hopefully have 3 new blogs to look at after the holidays.
If you get a chance over the break, could you please leave a comment and let them know how much you've enjoyed visiting their blogs.

I would like to thank;

Epsom Grade 3/4
Mr Curtis
Holme Valley Primary
Class 5CF
Class JL

We have really enjoyed looking at everything going on in your class and I have especially liked borrowing ideas from your teachers.
Thank you for sharing your learning journey with us.

Mrs Warner and Year 4

Egyptian morning

Stepping out of my office this morning, I was no longer Mrs Warner, I was transformed into an Egyptian Princess.
After I painted the children's eyes, they put on the Pharaoh headdress. Here are Pharaoh Kings and Queens from Year 4.

Year 4 perform the Haka

I had a wonderful birthday treat yesterday. Year 4 performed the Haka in the glorious sunshine.

They had been interested in finding out more ever since we watch the children from Room 4 Broadlands School perform their Te Reo Maori.

Here they are

 Apologies for any pronunciation errors

Canopic Jars

The children finished the jars yesterday afternoon and here they are for all to see.