Thursday, 29 March 2012

Making Canopic Jars part 2

Yesterday Year 4 enjoyed some sunshine while working on their Canopic jars.
The started these a few weeks ago but unfortunately the clay cracked and the pots became very fragile. Mr Walls thought long and hard and finally came up with a solution. He wrapped the jars in modrock bandages and when they were dry the children painted them a golden yellow.

Enjoying some sunshine

Painting Duamatef, head of a jackal.

This afternoon we will add the detail. Make sure you come back to see more photos.

If you'd like to find out more here is another fantastic website from Woodlands Primary School.


  1. i bet it was fun learning about egypt and making canopic jars . everybody's favourite auther seems to be roald dahl cool learning logs, i think mrs trenchbull was a teacher at my school when i was little.
    from ela's grandad

    1. yes grandad it was great fun learning obout egypt
      andmaking conopic jars i loved it.

      from ela