Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Presentation Monday (on a Tuesday)

Teegan and Abbie presented about one of my favourite hobbies; reading. They shared a range of reading material, including books, magazines, boards books aimed at babies, books with puppets and collections of picture books.

Welcoming everyone to the presentation

Audience listening carefully

A book by Lauren Childs

Lots of mini books

A special book with a flashing star

Setting the challenge - copy a sentence from your book and up level it.

A range of reading material

Reading the winning sentence

You were fantastic presenters and the game you planned was very good. I really enjoyed it, good job both of you.


  1. it was really good and i even won a prize

  2. I thought it was really good ,my favourite book is the magic far away tree and my favourite authour is Roald Dahl.

  3. Hi Year 4 it's lovely to see children taking an interest in all sorts of reading materials, a wonderful way to open the door to the world.

  4. I thought your presentation was really good welldone Abbie and Teegan

  5. I think tat your presentation was fabulus I realy enjoyed it well done you two.

  6. It was Realy Good Abbie And Teegan I Liked It when Some off ur Won A prize

  7. Well done Teegan and Abbie i thought your presentation was brilliant.