Monday, 26 March 2012

Science investigation - Separating solids

This afternoon the children investigated the following question,

Can I separate 3 different solids?

Look at the mess I made. How many different solids can you see?

 Using anything available in the classroom, but not fingers, the children had to investigate ways of separating sand, sweetcorn and pasta.

What did you need?
What did you do?
What happened?

Here is a solids and liquids game you could try

Here is a Solids, liquids and gases game you could try. See if you can remember what you learnt in Y3.

A great set of activities can be found here from Woodlands Primary School.

Have fun and tell me what new skills and knowledge you now have as a result of this afternoon.


  1. That was a fun lesson ,I really enjoyed it ,it was fun using the sieve to seperate the sand ,corn and pasta .from Alex .

  2. It looks like there were lots of great scientists in your classroom today. I can see a lot of collaboration taking place and I'm guessing the children also had to persevere. Which piece of equipment did you find the most useful? Why?

    Mrs Stones - Miriam Lord Primary, Bradford

  3. The science exspermant was great i loved it. It was realy fun .

    from ela joshua chloe

  4. Hello Year 4,

    Your science methods look interesting. From the photos, I can see you were able to separate the sand, sweetcorn and pasta. Well done, everyone. :)

    Teacher, NSW, Australia