Monday, 31 October 2011

When Mr Booth came to visit

Today we were very fortunate to welcome Mr Booth from the Garforth branch of Your Move.

Several weeks ago we sent a letter asking him to visit us, to tell us about his role as an Estate Agent.
He came with different things to look at and we learned so much more.

We will use this information to plan and make our newspaper to advertise 25 houses and create some advertising brochures.

Mr Booth explaining his job as an Estate Agent

Comparing the different houses

Looking at houses for sale

Asking questions
What can you remember?

What is the first thing Mr Booth does when he goes to visit someone who wants to sell their house?

How much was the most expensive house Mr Booth has sold?

I would like you to post everything you remember from the visit.


  1. Hi Class 4

    Thank you very much for inviting me along to tell you about my job and some of the secrets to being a good estate agent. I hope you enjoyed my presentation, I certainly enjoyed answering your questions.

    I look forward to seeing your newspaper advert and I hope some of the items I left with you are useful in helping produce it.

    Warm Regards

    Mr Booth

  2. I learnt more about houses thank you mr booth I enjoyed it hope you enjoyed it to. thank you for replying by ABBIE

  3. Hie mrs waner i licet yestday it was cool from ela

  4. I realy enjoyed M.R.Booth coming to our school.if he comments again I will post thankyou M.R.Booth.

  5. thank you for comeing to our school and telling us informathion about the estate agents i loved lisening to you

  6. Thank you for comeing to our school yesterday. I enjoyed listening to your answers from are questions from amber.

  7. I loved that presentation it was really intresting.And your gob sounds really fun.Thank you,kelis.

  8. i have lirnt somthing new because he told us his job it was so fun i enjoid so much to day it was fantasice to day chloe

  9. Your welcome M.r.booth. I enjoyed your presentation it was brilliant.Thank you for coming into our school also thank you for giving us the ballons,the for sale sign,brochers and the newspapers. I learnt alot thank you

  10. I had a brilliant time listing to mr Booth from Alex

  11. your welcome mr Booth I enjoyed your presentation and thank you for coming the presentation was faboulos i hope you enjoyed coming to our school i hope you found it clean thamk you for the balloons and ths for sale sign i read one of the news papers so thank you for them too please take your time to raed this from Elle yr4

  12. I enjoyed Mr Booths visit I hope he
    comes agian keaton

  13. mr booth's vist was amensing good
    thanky mr booth the yor move sayn
    is stil on the wayt bord at the bayk of the class room from alssa

  14. it was greate for mr booth to come in to our school i learnt something there