Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Happy half term

I hope everyone is having a lovely half term, here are some games you could try.

Maths games here

Literacy games here

Theme game here

Don't forget your spelling homework is due in the first day back.

See you all next week, I have some exciting news to tell you.


  1. Im missing school work cant wait till the hoildays are over but im still enjoying my self and on saturday the 29th of october im going to elles(yr4) party its going to be ace its a choclate spa party ill blog in a while and comment again to tell you if ive been up to anything else miss the whole of year 4 including the teachers deffently.

  2. on tuesday the 25 of october i was on the laptop playing on a game freddie my little brother came along and bit me i hert so there is one bad thing in my hoildays so far.

  3. I played on 1 of the litracy games (sentences)i enjoyed the game.i also played on 1 of the maths games it was a shapes one it was linked to our topic i foud it a bit difficult.Last but sertanatly not lease i played on the theme game i went on the who game i think it was ace it was a house one i enjoyed it because i played on the listen one the games were fab. I will play on all of the games when i get spare time.Then hopefully they will be more games on the blog.

  4. the comment was from Grace yr4

  5. Hi Mrs Warner its Freddie from resepstion.I would just like to say thank you for classoply ages ago.I really enjoyed it. P.S. Grace yr4 told me to blog haha only because i never do haha :@) :@).From Freddie resepstion & lots of help from Grace yr4.

  6. I'm glad you like the games Grace. Hope you have a great time at the party, the chocolate fountain sounds delicious.
    Thank you for helping Freddie blog too.

    The game we played is one of my favourites Freddie, I love how the letters turn into the animals.

    Have fun

  7. I went to a football match at ellen road it was good because I got to meet Luchiano bheccho it was ace.

  8. on the 25th october i went to hesketh farm with chloe and i thourght it was great i went on the gokarts too it was realy fun and there was a dark room were you could make your owen pumpkin but after a couple of days my calapsd it was a great time . ON tuesday i went to knaresboro to see mother shiptons cave. and i found out that after a month if i put yout hand onder the water it turns to stone