Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Year 4 visit the library

Last week Year 4 went to our local library with Mr Walls. They were able to borrow some new books to keep at school and read during independent reading time.

They are due back Thursday 1st December. (Please remind Mr W)

An excited Year 4 class

Today I told the class about "Quad blogging"
We will visit 3 other school blogs in our "quad", to find out about learning in their class.

The children were very excited including me!

Here are the other blogs in our Quad

Here are some responses from Year 4

I think quad blogging is great so because you get to look at other peoples blogs. elle

i think it will be fun looking at other peoples blogs and i are looking forward to see the quad blog.Alex
i think  its greate to look at other peopls blog.
I am looking forward to seeing the other people's blog. jayden

We will be going into the ICT suite soon.

Monday, 28 November 2011

BIG WRITE Star writer of the week is ......


Great work Jamie, you produced an excellent recount of your visit to London. You remembered to use VCOP and included everything on the checklist. 

Here is a game about punctuation.

Here is a harder game to try.

Let me know how you get on.

Presentation Monday

Today we listened to a presentation about boxing and in particular, Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, Lennox Lewis and Joe Gans.

Mike Tyson
Lennox Lewis

Muhammad Ali
Joe Gans

Here the boys are telling us about each boxer, they even had a pair of boxing gloves to show us.
I was surprised by the size of them.

Can you remember Muhammad Ali's phrase? Can you remember the different weight classes?

Here are some comments so far...

I thought the presentation was intresting and fun. by kelis

The presentation was awsome I loved it from Alice

The presentation was amazing i like it it is about boxing  i like the boxing glufs itr fiel nice and dacer blak from alyssa

Write back giving the boys some feedback.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Learning Log target

I thought your Learning Logs were amazing this week. You all put in so much effort and do the very best you can. I always look forward to reading them and learning new things myself.

The new Learning Target is
What makes you you?

In circle time we have been talking about what makes each of us unique and individual. Use the two pages to show me what it is like in your shoes.

What could you do? Make a family tree. Design a coat of arms for your family name. Write about hobbies. Tell me your life story so far.

You decide.

Classopoly winners

Year 4 won a "Construction" session with Miss Nottingham. They had a brilliant time trying to make structures and bridges to hold weights.

Here they are enjoying themselves and showing how they can work as a team.

Photographer - Grace

The structures close up

Golden Children

I am so proud of the following children for their impeccable manners and polite nature. They are both a credit to Year 4.

Alyssa and Bailey

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Talk homework

Tonight, talk about the best day of your life so far.

What happened?
Where did it happen?
Who was with you?
How did you feel?
Why did it happen?
When did it happen?

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Choose where to work "Choose"day

In maths this week we have been gathering data about the types of  houses that surround our school.

On Monday we went outside to find the information we needed to produce a graph.

On Tuesday morning the children produced some hand drawn graphs.
The focus in the afternoon maths session was to answer questions using a pictogram showing the money raise for Children In Need.

The children were given the choice of where they wanted to work. Some children decided to work at tables and some preferred to work on the carpet.

Today we have been in the ICT suite and used Textease spreadsheet to generate a graph. It was really easy and straightforward.