What a good one looks like.

On these pages we will publish our very best work to show everyone what a good one looks like.

Letter writing

Using a number line

Designing a "mood board"

Observational drawings


Making air raid shelters

A letter home to Mum from Lenny Levi (The Lion and the Unicorn)

Learning Log about Jewish Faith

Careful copying
L.T. Can I identify horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines?

Teamwork and collaboration
Year 4 are working together to create a short animation clip using plasticine. This team worked particularly well together.

These are the first entries for the 100wc. (Here is a link to the original post)
To read the entries click on the 100wc blog There are some "star and wish" comments, could you write a comment?

Presentation Monday
Ela prepared a fantastic presentation about animals, she brought in a variety of things to look at and even ran a competition.

W.B 20.2.12
Fraction Wall

W.B 13.2.12 (Half term)
Elle's fantastic story 

click here to read it.

W.B 6.2.12
Scrumptious pizza

W.B 30.1.12
Egyptian Art work
This is a representation of Egyptian art
W.B 23.1.12
Non chronological report about Ancient Egypt

Here is an improved nc report about Ancient Egypt

W.B 16.1.12
Learning Log - Pyramids

This is a superb example of a learning log from Amber. When I opened the pages, this is what I found, a booklet full to the brim of information, illustrations and a time line. Outstanding work!

W.B 9.1.12
Cracking Cleopatra's code

Olivia consistently produce beautifully presented work. Here is her recent maths work.

W.B 2.1.12
Planning a recount

Here is Ela's recount plan, she still has a little bit to finish but she worked so hard on this and made sure it contained the relevant detail and was neatly presented. Good job Ela.

W.B 12.12.11
Explanation texts and creative thinking

Here is a fabulous diagram of an invention. Look at the detail including in this drawing. Notice what is used to power the invention.

W.B 5.12.11
Library poster competition

Here is a brilliant poster to advertise our lovely library. Three other posters have been put forward to Miss Wadsworth who will select an overall winner.

W.B. 21.11.11
Magic bubble

Over the last couple of weeks the children have used their ICT skills to make a "Magic Bubble" activity similar to the one Mrs Warner used in Maths.
When you pass the number through the bubble it magically turns into the French word.

W.B 14.11.11
Symmetrical Space Alien

Using the I.W.B helps to practise symmetry. It's OK to make a mistake because when you click on the square it's blue again.

W.B 7.11.11
Symmetrical house art

Here is Alice's symmetrical art work. Alice has used her artistic skills and her knowledge of symmetry to draw the other half of the house.

W.B 31.10.11 
Simile monsters

Here is Bailey's ferocious Monster that lives in his imagination. It came to life when he created his descriptive simile poem.


  1. Well done everyone for getting on the wagoll page you must of worked very hard that day or week.

  2. You all must be proud of yourself. From Ayisha

  3. If you got a wagoll yoyu wored very hard.Dil