Friday, 27 April 2012

Attendance Awards

These children have had 95% (and above) attendance
since September 2011 

These 4 amazing attenders have 100% attendance

The Nightzoo Keeper's animals

Following the work the children in Year 4 did as part of the 100 word challenge, they have drawn the animals they described in their work.

Pop over to 100wc blog, read the entries and see if you recognise any of the animals.

Here they are,

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Golden Children 26th April

Bailey and Keira

I am thrilled to see Bailey’s positive outlook on life at school. I can honestly say he’s a pleasure to be around.

Keira continues to have confidence in her decisions and is never swayed by others. 
She “sticks to her guns” 
Good for you Keira

100 word challenge

Pop over to the Fieldhead Carr 100wc on the right hand side, the link is under the 100wc logo. There are some entries you could read and leave feedback. I will add some more later.

Remember if you are giving feedback always say what you like about it and why, also what you suggest they could do to improve it.

Improvements could be spelling, punctuation, adjectives, following the prompt, making sense.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

100 word challenge w28

Here is the new prompt for the 100wc

I really hope we will have many more entries to add to the 100wc blog. Have a look and get your thinking caps on.

The zoo needs some more  keepers and to get the job you have to write a creative piece either about one of the strange animals you saw on the screen or one you have made up. You have only got 100 words so really think hard about the words you choose so that your reader could paint the picture.

Budding Night Zookeepers
Watching the introduction

Making notes about the animals they could see

Discussing what they have seen

Planning time - describing the animal

Thinking carefully - I only have 100 words

Sharing thoughts and ideas

Writing up the stories in the ICT suite

Emailing them to Mrs W so she can post them on the blog

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Animation using Scratch

This afternoon Y4 worked together to create simple animations using Scratch

"we made a sprite"

"we imported an underwater background"

"a ghost chasing a a very scared girl"

"We have made a cafe background and 3 sprites"

"we discussed what characters we needed"

"we make a Homer sprite in Donut land"

"we are designing an underwater castle"

Who has downloaded Scratch to use at home?

Monday, 23 April 2012

P4C - A new friend

Imagine you move away from your best friend and your Father, who is an inventor, designs a machine that can scan personalities. After school you arrive home to find a stranger with the same personality as your best friend, sat on the sofa. Can this person replace your friend, even though they share the same personality?

These are the questions the groups came up with after reading A New Friend by Jason Buckley.
Click here to read the story

Is Nina only her friend because she is a millionaires daughter?

Is Nina feeling guilty or excited to replace Sadie?

How would you feel if your best friend was replaced?

How would you feel in Lucy's shoes?

Big Write Star Writer is ...


Big Write was based on the story we read by Pie Corbett called The King of the Birds. Year 4 were quite confused after reading it because there was no mention of a King of the Birds, however, there was a character who was the King of Horses.
After contacting Mr Corbett, he asked if Year 4 could write Part 2, in which the title of the story would become clear.

So, here are some examples of the stories written on Friday called;

King of the Birds part 2

Children supporting each other to make their work even better.

Reply with examples of the feedback you gave or received from your partner.