Thursday, 19 April 2012


I am currently looking at buying Brainpop to use in school. I saw it when I went to BETT in London, it looks really great with lots of videos, quizzes and FYI's. I noticed there's some free stuff to access.
Can you have a look and let me know what you think.
Leave a comment so I can go to Mr E and Miss Hillerby with reasons why school should buy it.

Free stuff here

Have fun


  1. Hi there we are a year 5 class who have been using brainpop for about 2 years and we love it. We saw your blog post and thought you might be interested in hearing our thoughts on it.
    - There are videos about practically everything (Georgia)
    - It helps my Grandad when he is helping me with my homework or extra school work (Emily)
    - The videos are quit short so I never get bored (George)
    - You can get more information and stuff from the FYI bit (Conor)
    - You get to see how much you remember by doing the quizzes at the end. We even email our teacher our quiz results in Google Docs.
    - It's really simple to understand and it takes out all the hard stuff we don't get. It breaks down the hard stuff so we get it (Owen)
    - The videos are educational but they are really funny too (Sophie)
    - There is always a joke at the end (Ali)

    From a teachers point of view the videos are short, simple and fun and to be honest they would much rather listen to Tim and Moby than me ;)

  2. Hi Miss Deane and Y5, thank you so much for your comment. It's always useful to hear what others think. Before lunch, Y4 watched the video about blogging and tried out the quiz. I have to say ... I am loving what I have seen already.

    Looking forward to reading what Y4 and the Digital Leaders think about Brainpop too.

  3. I teach 5th grade and Brain Pop is a huge part of our digital learning. Students are engaged starting out with his T-shirt and making connections before the question gets asked. We watch each one 3 times.
    #1 for an overview
    #2 for a focus question from me
    #3 for text evidence
    Occasionally I use the worksheets, but not very often. Great 2 minutes of learning all rolled into one clip.

  4. Hi Mrs Warner,

    We thought we'd stop by and say hi to you and your class. We're so pleased to hear that you're considering BrainPOP. Thousands of of kids all round the world watch our movies every day. They often send us questions too, and we try our best to answer them all.

    It would be awesome to be involved in your teaching and learning. Just remember to make it fun too :-)

    Tim & Moby

  5. ela and kelis3 May 2012 at 12:25

    We love brain pop becouse you can wach vidos and tace the quiz to see how well you lisend it is a cool websight to be playing on at school and and at home and also on the videos you can learn new information about your topic

  6. ela and kelis3 May 2012 at 12:34

    hi tim hi moby we love your website it is fun too play on insted of going on game on the computer.

    ones we foun about about the website we were
    on it strayt away.

    from ela and kelis

  7. To Mrs Warner thank you for letting us go on BrainPOP I really like it and it tells you how the eye works AMAZING!! Thankyou from Niamh y5