Monday, 16 April 2012

Can you write for a whole minute?

This morning I set Year 4 a new challenge.

They had to write for a whole minute about the word I put on the board.

The word for today was chocolate

During that 1 minute they had to write non stop.

Have another go, in the comments box see if you can type words about chocolate for 1 minute - NO CHEATING.


  1. yummy scrummy chocolate zooms down my throught yummy scrummy chocolate as brown as a brown dogs coat.
    I did that in one minute
    17 words

  2. It was so hard when we had to write as much as we can in a munite i dident finish myne but this is what i was going to write early that morning i woke and had my breakfast after a while i got hugry so i got some lovly chocolate.

  3. I think that the one minuite writing was really fun and a good way to wtite for a longer time.

  4. I love the idea of writing non-stop for one minute. Writing about chocolate for one minute is even better. When I get time, I'm definitely going to have a go myself and I'll share my efforts with you. Hannah, I thought you did a super job, I like the words yummy and scrummy.

    Mrs Stones

  5. This was sooo hard my hand sweats like its a racing car but i did it and i aw james wrighting like a blink of a eye!