Tuesday, 8 November 2011

W.A.G.O.L.L .....What A Good One Looks Like

Have you noticed the new page?

Here is the place to comment about the W.A.G.O.L.L. and nominate a piece of work you think deserves to be on the wall of fame.

There will be at least one posted each week.

Nominate the W.A.G.O.L.L.  and justify why I should put it on our blog.


  1. I think on the wagoll page that them pices of work are WAGOLL'S.Well done too Alice and Bailey fists wagolls on the blog keep it going.I am loving the work.

  2. i like the wagoll now welldone baiely and alice and luke also because he showed me a a wagoll

  3. I am pleased you like my choices so far. I hope they will help you to improve your own work and help you to set yourself targets.
    I am also looking forward to showing off your work to all our visitors.

  4. I have a WAGOLL on the blog and Im going to work even harder to get more WAGOLL'S on the blog.

    I also think Bailey's WAGOLL is very good.

    from Alice

  5. I wish some of my work is a wagoll by Abbie

  6. wagolls are greate

  7. i think my work should be a w.a.g.g.o.l. piece of work because i always try my best but well done to alice and bailey your work deserves to be waggols

  8. i really like our wagoll page well done too alice and bailey.

  9. i like your wagoll alice it is amazing

    1. yes it is

      from emma 2 at shelley first school

  10. wow what a great wagoll it is really good

    from emma at shelley first school