Friday, 28 September 2012

Our week

Year 4 have been really busy this week. Here are some photographs of the things we have done.

Literacy: Information text.
Beginning to write an advert for a house

Example of an advert

Another example of an advert

Some information about the house for sale

Thinking caps are on

Writing and advert for Grandma's cottage

An advert for a house of our choice

Maths: Puzzles using addition and subtraction skills

Magic number puzzles


Team work 

Is this correct?

Thinking carefully about the rules of the game

More team work - happy mathematicians

Another happy mathematician

 Making board games using addition and subtraction

Working together to create a board game

What skills will you need to use?

I can see instructions

Writing the directions
Writing instructions

Art: Observational drawings of Indian artefacts

Three different artefacts

Carefully observed

See if you can spot the actual artefact below

Mask of Ganeshe

A hanging lamp

Spelling Contract
Examples of activities from this week

Definitions of words

Sentences containing the words

Ladder game

One minute writing challenges

Writing about the prompt - FIRE, FOOD and ME

Can you write for a minute?

Not long left

"What stuck with you" In class we have an exit display and children use this to show each other what they think about their learning, how things might be improved and what's next. They write about what has stuck in their mind.
Today was the first time they have used it and they have written about this week.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Presentation Monday

Today we listened to a presentation about Moshi Monsters. I was amazed how many different characters there are.

Write a comment about what you liked about the presentation.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Learning Log showcase

Here is the chosen learning log from this week. Congratulations to Michaela who's work received 8 raffle ticket votes.

Here is a link to the other Learning Logs 

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Talk homework

You all took home your slip about what I'd like you to talk about.

Here it is again...


Find some examples of instructions around the house, talk about why they are important. What would happen if we didn't follow instructions.

Here's a game you can play

Monday, 17 September 2012

Presentation Monday

Today we listened to a presentation about Superheroes. It was very interesting to find out about, Superman, Iron Man, Batman, Captain America and The Hulk.

Can you remember who their enemies are?

Our 2nd week in Year 4

Thank you for a fabulous week. Here are some photos from our first full week together. We started our new theme; Fieldhead Carr Estate Agents, found out where some of the dots on our cluster map are from and enjoyed P.E.
Write back and tell me what you enjoyed doing and what you are looking forward to doing.

Maths: place value

Using the place value cups

Finding the amount and writing it down

Team work

Making 3 digit numbers

Geography: jigsaw

What can you see?

P.E. fun games

Playing "rats and rabbits"

Playing "gates"

Dodging and moving

How many points can you score?

Reading: Wrestling comics are very popular

Sharing a book