Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Having some science fun

On Wednesday morning we had a problem to solve.

Containers with sand, pasta, peas, corn and paper clips

Working in pairs to plan what to do

Recording the science experiment

What is she using the magnet for?

A sieve to separate the sand and pasta

Step 1: Using the magnet
Why are the paper clips attracted to the magnet?
Step 2: Pouring the sand and corn into the fine sieve

Tapping the sieve

The  mixture is now separated

Team work
Separating sand, pasta and corn

Sand falls through the sieve, leaving pasta and corn behind

Pasta and corn

The boys thought they could use the funnel sieve but will
it work? Why?

Thinking caps on. Making own sieve

Will the corn fit through? Make the hole bigger?

Making the holes, not too small and not too big

Corn will fall though but will the pasta?
Using sieves with different size holes

Sieve containing the pasta and the corn

Everyone worked really hard to follow the headings on the plan.

They identified what they had to do, predict what would happen, carry the experiment out and write a conclusion.

The children thought very carefully about what needed to be done and realised they didn't have to panic if what was planned didn't work.
After all, we learn more from what goes wrong than what goes right.


  1. Hi Year 4

    It certainly looks like you tackled this Science experiment with very positive attitudes. I can imagine you asking yourselves lots of questions while you were working.
    Can I ask a question? What were you trying to find out from this test and what did you actually discover?
    Mrs Stones

  2. Hello Year 4,

    I am very impressed by your planning and experimentation. When we meet challenges, it can take a great deal of thought to work out what must be done. In science, we sometimes find what was expected didn't happen. Our next step is to understand why.

    Did you know some inventions are made by accident when unexpected things happen? A pharmacist in U.S.A. was trying to find a cure for headaches. He mixed a number of ingredients together and today we have Coca-Cola. The recipe is very closely guarded by the people at Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola was one accident that made some people very rich but did it cure headaches? :)

    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

  3. mrs warner that was realy fun by josh

  4. mrs warner I had so much fun from lewis

  5. I had fun doing the sience work it was hard but fun

    from joe