Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Living in a land of chaos

On Tuesday afternoon, Mr Peatfield, a former police officer came into school to talk about the importance of rules. He gave a very funny presentation about what life might look like if rules didn't exist and people could do what they wanted, when they wanted.

At first, the idea of no rules was very popular with everyone but when we looked closer at the situations we might be faced with, it was a very different story.

Imagine if;

  • You could come to school when you wanted
  • You could look at the answers on the test sheet
  • You didn't wear school uniform
  • You didn't have to tell your parents what time you would be back
  • You could take anyone home
  • You could jump on the furniture

Mr Peatfield demonstrated how he would behave if he was in my class, in a world without rules.

Sat on a chair. Look where the chair is!!
Write back and tell everyone what you learned from this discussion. 

Ask yourself, did you think a world without rules would be a good place to live? 
Do you still have the same opinion?


  1. Hi Year 4,

    This sounds like a fascinating discussion. I found it very interesting that Mr Peatfield pushed the boundaries of your class rules himself, I think this probably helped you to imagine a world without rules more easily.
    I can imagine a world without rules may be tempting for a short while but I believe that before long the routine and safety of rules would be a far more tempting prospect.
    Mrs Stones

  2. It was funny miss warner.
    from megan

  3. I loved him coming in and taking all the rules away it was really funny my favourite was coming to school when you want in the day from morgan

  4. He was realy funny but when you realy think about no rules then you will regret your words!


  5. Hello Year 4,

    Mr. Peatfield seems to have made an impression on all of your. I can understand why the idea of having no rules can seem good until we realise anyone could do what they want when they want, not just us. Many of our rules are made to keep us safe and allow us to live together peacefully. I think giving up some of our personal freedoms are necessary if we are to be able to live together in communities. :)

    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

  6. I thought that was very funny i liked tat guy from lewis