I spend lots of time on the internet looking for ideas to use in class. I like looking on other class blogs and websites. Sometimes I find great games that can be played during ICT Tuesday/Thursday or at home. 
This is going to be the place where they are all gathered.

Spelling Games

Lots of games here

Spelling Bee
Here are some games to help you improve your spelling skills

Woodlands Junior School have some great games too.

Here are some games to help you make safer choices when on line

Safety Land

Sids Online safety guide

Think U know 8-10

Kid Smart

Stay Safe
Online books
We give books

Transformation Tease

Plink -music maker

San Francisco Symphony - Learn about music and more

Save the comma

Lego comic builder

Bitstrips comic creator

Rommy the robot Can you input commands and tell Rommy how to get to the end?

Maze game use the arrow keys to solve the puzzle

Sploder - make your own online games. 

Sumdog Maths games, play against others around the world. Free to join.

Storybird - Some beautiful pieces of art to inspire your story writing

Myths and Legends  

Colour Colour - Create masterpieces in the style of Andy Warhol, Frank Stella, or Ed Ruscha.
This is a good virtual art colouring activity from the Tate Art Gallery. See full screen at

Mondrimat Experiment with space and colour in the style of Piet Mondrian.

Picassohead Make faces in the style of Picasso.

 Jigsawdoku - Choose numbers or symbols and select different levels.
A great child-friendly Sudoku game. Play different sized grids and difficulty levels. You can also choose to use numbers, letters or symbols.

Painted eggs A memory game, copy what you can see.

Easter eggs Swap eggs to match colours.

Questionaut Answer Literacy, Numeracy and Science questions on your mysterious adventure.
I love this site from the BBC with stunning visuals and a great soundtrack. Travel through a strange world answering questions about English, maths and science earning fuel for your hot air balloon. Click on the characters to unlock the questions. Designed for KS2.

Cut the rope Catch the stars but avoid the obstacles and try to feed Om Nom.

Draw a stickman (One of your favourites) A new episode available.

Canvastaic A drawing and painting package.

Queeky paint A drawing and painting package.
A useful online drawing programme with a good set of tools to try.

Sumo Paint - drawing and painting package with cool features.

DIY 3d maze Make your own maze game. Collect the apples and avoid the aliens.

Santa run A favourite from Christmas time.

Machinarium Play the demo version of this puzzle adventure game.

Clay yourself Make clay avatars of yourself.

Build your wildself

Mr Haughton's ICT Club page

Have a play and let me know what you think.

A big thank you to the original finders of these games, thanks for sharing!


  1. A great range of games. I have introduced most of these to KS2 but there a some new ones to try. Thanks.

  2. Great games miss warner my favourite was sumo paint.

    1. I particularly like Sumo paint myself, although I haven't explored all the tools yet. You will have to create some art and bring it in Hannah.

  3. Theres games look like fun iam going to play on them now.

  4. I love these games my best one is sumo paint and my best tool on it is the symmetry tool.

  5. My favourite is sumo paint and clay your self

  6. the sumo paint is a cool

  7. My brother likes clay your self,sumo paint,cut the rope and santas roof top run.

  8. i LOVE these games i got to stage 9 on the robot maze game! Elle plays that.

  9. i love somo paint
    i might be abletoo
    bhy it soon

  10. I love going on sumo paint its my best paint,I like the smmetrical tool.

  11. I love going all these games they are brilliant

  12. I really enjoyed sumo paint the symmatry tool it was cool by Bailey

  13. I like sumo paint it is cool by Bailey

  14. The games are awesome i,am going to play on the awesome games.

  15. i like the santa run

    Katie y3

  16. looks like by.from ben

  17. your games are very good I like those

  18. miss warner i very like the games you put on there for us there very good from josh

  19. The games look amazing !

  20. The games are amazing and I am glad I ever came on this blog

    1. I'm glad too that I look on Blogs aswell but I dont just play games on it I atleast try to put 5 comments on the bog a day.

      From Ayisha :D

  21. I like the new games especily E-saftey star surfers.

  22. I'v played about 10 o them games and I really like them.

    From Ayisha :)

  23. Hi miss Warner I really like the Santa run game it is really fun and I like the stay safe game from Morgan

  24. I always play those lego comic builder game .It is super fun .
    By levi.