Tuesday, 31 January 2012

A mysterious coded message arrives in Y4

During guided reading Yellow Team read Pandora's box. After a little bit of reciprocal reading, we got ready for Literacy time but before we could begin, Mr Walls had taken delivery of a very interesting chest. Once the mysterious package arrived in class the atmosphere in Y4 was electric.

Initially some children begged me not to open it, after all, Pandora had caused all sorts of trouble letting out those pesky spites.
As a class we decided to take a risk, Bailey proudly announced he was willing to sacrifice himself for us.
Cautiously we opened it ..

This is what we found inside.
Underneath the scrolls we could see a book and what looked like a map, although it was really difficult to see.

What does it say?

The map

Reading the mystery message.

Inside the drawer was a pink crystal and a small box

Another box it open, I wasn't brave enough.

The map

What is inside it?

A very anxious Mrs Warner

Now time to crack the code

Sharing code

More sharing, then it was playtime but we hadn't completed the coded message

Excited children keen to work out the message

Outside Y4

Another word cracked

A completed message

and so our adventure begins!
The mystery delivery
We are really looking forward to finding out more about the journey that awaits us. 

Who can remember the message? Write back and tell me how you feel about our adventure? Are you feeling brave, anxious, excited?

On Thursday you all designed your own MYST journals. Here are some photos of them.

Egyptian art work

Yesterday afternoon the children continued to look at Egyptian Art work and tried to represent it themselves using a variety of media.

Here they are busy at work.

Presentation Monday (on a Tuesday)

Today Alyssa shared her dancing skills. She attends a local dance school and also learns ballet at Northern Ballet Academy  here is a link.

Information from Northern Ballet, rosettes and medal

I thoroughly enjoyed Alyssa's presentation. She was confident, clear and kept the audience entertained.

P4C - The heart and the bottle

Today we have read the story written by Oliver Jeffers and discussed the meaning. This is what we think....

Monday, 30 January 2012

Big Write star writer is ...


Well done Ela I am super proud of you. Your recount in the shoes of Charles was very well written. Thank you for letting me use it to demonstrate levelling up.

Using Numicon in maths

This morning the children investigated and explored numicon.

This is what they found out,

Me Abbie and Teegan made a square using 16 "4's"   by Hannah.
Each numicon represents a number  by Jamie.
You can make a numberline out of them.   by Elle.
The numberline went up in steps like stairs.  by Alyssa.
The all are a different colour, 3 is yellow.   by Alice