Thursday, 5 January 2012

Would you like to read an e-book?

You all know how much I love reading, especially e-books on my Kindle. 
Today I came across some e-books for children.

Here  for books aimed at 7-9
Here  for books aimed at 9-11

If you have any younger brothers or sisters why not show them too. Click here

Find a good book and let me know what you think.

Happy reading.


  1. The e-books are great.My baby brother loves the younger 1's.Hannah

  2. Hello... All of Year 4 and Mrs Warner. Your class blog looks fantastic. We like reading the e-books too and our favourite is 'Alien Invasion'!

    Best Wishes from Miss Golia
    and the children in Class 1, Cookridge Primary School.

  3. My little brother really enjoyed trying to read the ebook but in the end he did it.

  4. i think the e-books are fantastic i read one to my sister yesterday and she loved them from loganx

  5. I the love the e-books there great. I went on them the other night the seceret garden would not work so I went on some of the others I could not get of them.