Friday, 27 January 2012

Philosophy for Children and Big Write

On Monday we read a story called Voices in the Park by Anthony Browne.

An online version to read is here 

We had a debate about each character and how they related to each other. One of the questions I asked was "Does having lots of money make you happy?"

In today's Big Write the children had to become the voice of Charles or Smudge and retell their version of going to the park.

Look at Y4 concentrating hard during their BIG WRITE session.

If we had scratch and sniff blogging you would be able to smell the wonderful aroma the children can always smell during Big Write.

Here are some examples of writing.

Some questions to consider;

What do we know about the 4 characters?
Why don't the adults talk to each other?
Why do the children talk to each other?
Are these people part of the same community?
How do the pictures tell the story?

What other questions could you ask?


  1. I think the photos are great Year 4 and you are all working so hard! I hope you were enjoying writing. You seem to have produced some amazing work. Well done evryone.

    Ros Wilson

    1. mrs wilson from your planing year4 are learing about EGPT

  2. Hello Year 4,

    I can see how hard you were all working. I enjoyed reading your writing about the story so I just had to look at the online version to see what the story was all about.

    One thing I particularly liked about the story is its presentation front he perspective of each character. When two or more people see the same things happening, they don't necessarily agree on what was seen.

    One parent well off and the other out of work. One child well dressed with a rich parent and the other with a parent out of work. Two dogs, one a pedigree and the other a little of everything.

    The adults, locked in their own separate words don't interact.

    Each probably thinks, "What would they say if we did?"

    The children, not bothered by adult worries and prejudice, simply saw the chance of making friends.

    What a wonderful story and what excellent work you all produced. :)

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

    1. Thank you for comenting on our blog

  3. i love big write and so does everyone else (ihope) i like writting about egypt the most in big write but it has just been beaten by the story because i run away with my imagination when i'm writting a story