Saturday, 21 January 2012

Can you tell me what you think?

Hello Year 4, here is a link to a beta game by Purple Mash, one of the fab things I saw at BETT 

Will you have a play and let me know what you think.

This is what my game looked like.

First add the walls apples and the monsters, next set the timer and how many lives the player has, finally click the green play button. Have fun.

Here are some Y6's in ICT Tuesday having a go.

Some Y4 animators having a go too,


  1. i dont get it its realy hard iev read the instructions its hard

  2. Click on the picture of the square of wall. Just click where you want the walls to go on the grid, it's like making a maze.
    When you've done that you need to drag the apples, to collect, and the monsters to avoid.
    Finally click on the green arrow and you will have a 3d maze.

    If you get stuck I will show you tomorrow.

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  4. miss this game is very good and fun

  5. Wow. We also created some 3D maze games using Purple Mash. Visit our blog to play the games. We hope that you like them.

  6. it is a great game i love the game purple mash it is cool

    from ela