Wednesday, 29 February 2012

What a fantastic blogging day

Here is a link to all the blog posts made by Year 4.

You might want to share this with your parents and encourage them to blog this leap year.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012


What will you blog about?


Here are Year 4 blogging about what they hope to be when they are 29 years old.

When I'm 29 .... Written by Mr Walls

Another post spotted, written by a friend

Excitement finding the posts written by each other

Counting the flags

Sharing what you've read
The tag we used was "aspirations"

When you're at home see if you can find them and read what other people might aspire to be.

Leave comments for others, let them know what you think about their post.

Maths morning

We had a maths morning today because we spent yesterday doing Big Write edit and improve.

Here are Year 4 working hard learning their times tables.

Rolling the dice to find the times table to use 

Covering the answer

Who will win?

Some numbers covered more than once. Why is that?

James is the leader. He rolls the dice

In teams working together to make 4 in a row
The team choose the number found in that timetable

Checking our answers

Deciding as a team

Alice is the leader.

Who's almost winning?

Well done Year 4. You all worked really hard this morning and I had lots of fun, especially grooving to the songs!
Continue to learn your times tables. Here is a game to help you.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Presentation Monday

Today Ela told us all about "Animals" and how we should care for them. She had prepared a file with lots of images of animals and brought a range of different things for us to see and touch.

Well done Ela, I really enjoyed looking at the photos of different animals. You have clearly worked hard at home, great researching skills.

What can you remember about the Zebra?

Hieroglyphic art

Here are Year 4 making their own personal cartouche.

A game to draw your own here

Make your own here