Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Fractions and a maths game

To help us understand fractions we used numicon again yesterday in maths. What can you remember?

What did we find out?
Think about our investigation to find out if half was more or less than 2 quarters. Was this always the case?

Here is the game we played in the ICT suite


  1. We loved that game from Alex and James

  2. Cool game i am guner play that tonight at my nanas

    from ela xxx

  3. It was a bit hard but I could understand 2 of them but my best thing was putting the pears on the scales.

  4. I really enjoyed the maths game it was really good it was very hard and confusing though.

  5. I enjoyed the maths game and fraction. Maths is one of my favourite things in school !

  6. the game on the computer was cool

    from ela