Friday, 10 February 2012

The Lost Happy Endings

At the end of the day I read a story to you called The Lost Happy Endings. It was a beautifully illustrated picture book written by Carol Ann Duffy and Jane Ray.

Can you remember what it was about?

A few questions you could answer,

What if Jub wasn't there?
What if Jub didn't have her job?
What if stories didn't have happy endings?
What if Jub hadn't written her story with the golden pen?

What if the Witch wrote the story endings?
We talked about writing your own fairy stories with alternative endings. Write one in the comment box and 20 golden tickets will be yours.

Happy half term.


  1. Cinderelle and the lost dancing slippers

    Once upon a time there was a girl called Cinderelle, She was the happiest girl alive, She cheered people up when they were down and the thing that made her so happy was that she had a pair of beautiful glass dancing slippers, every night she would go dark and deep in to the forest and dance all night long. Tonight was no different at least she thought it wasn’t, Once again she went deep and dark into the woods she was nearly to the spot were she would dance all night long when she heard where do you think you are going with those slippers “erm who’s there“ “its only me your friend give me those slippers” “no” replied Cinderelle “I said give those slippers” sand in flash they were off Cinderelle’s feet and as far away as possible. Five minutes later she heard the voice again it said “do you want you want your slippers back” “yes please if you wouldn’t mind “ I do mind and your not Cinderelle decided she would find out where this voice was coming from. She searched and searched for the person and finally she found her she was an elderly woman who was desperate to dance. If you give me my slippers I promise you I will buy you some slippers and you can come dancing with me all night long every night “I need my beauty sleep you know so I can only come out for an hour” “that’s ok” the elderly woman’s name was Emily and she gave Cinderelle back her slippers and they danced every night (only for an hour though)

    The end

    1. Elle, this is a wonderful story. You have clearly thought very hard about the characters and how they link together. Using part of your own name for the character is very clever.
      As I was reading your story, my opinion of the elderly woman changed. At first I thought she was going to be mean because of the imagery you created - "deep, dark forest" "give me those slippers" "in a flash they were off her feet" but at the end you gave the impression that she was "desperate to dance" and this altered my opinion and as a result I began to feel sorry for her.

      For some extra homework could you draw one illustration to go with your story?

      Twenty tickets for you.

    2. Hi, Elle! I really like your story, I didn't expected the slippers thief to be an elderly woman, and to find she has a reason (OK, there's no valid reason to steal, but I mean she wasn't simply bad, just desperate). I like this happy ending!

      Pablo Demarchi

    3. Hello Elle,

      I think your story is absolutely charming. It has the making of a fairy tale and reminds me of others who have written stories about dancing slippers, some as magical slippers.

      There is something magical about dancing in the woods and being joined by an elderly woman. I think your idea and story are wonderful.

      We must think a little alike as I have a storyline in my collection of ideas for stories about a ballerina and her slippers. It's yet to be written but is different in why the ballerina dances. My idea came form my niece is qualified to teach ballet. :)

      I hope you keep up your writing. It's a great hobby but can become a good career for those with great ideas. :)

      Teacher, NSW, Australia

    4. Great story Elle you should be a writer when your older!!:-D

      By Aimee
      Shelley First School

  2. i enjoyed the story too chloe it was briliant

  3. I really enjoyed reading this Elle and love the fact that the story ends happily and you add some humour with saying they only danced for an hour though. I also like the phrases you use when the characters speak,I can imagine them saying the words. Well done Elle!

  4. thank you for the worderful comments they have made my day and i will do mrs warner

  5. i enjoyed the story but the witch was ugly ha.

  6. thats a real good story elle. by james

  7. I really enjoyed this story, cheered me up lots while I have been at home poorly - thank you! Miss Hillerby

    1. hi i am amelia from Shelley First School. i think that is soooo good!!!!!

  8. thank you everyone i didnt expect this many comments when the post isn't even about me

  9. I really enjoyed your infomation and when all you class mates grow up you should be writers

    from bryony from shelley first school

  10. well done elle that story is great I love it.