Monday, 27 February 2012

Presentation Monday

Today Ela told us all about "Animals" and how we should care for them. She had prepared a file with lots of images of animals and brought a range of different things for us to see and touch.

Well done Ela, I really enjoyed looking at the photos of different animals. You have clearly worked hard at home, great researching skills.

What can you remember about the Zebra?


  1. well done ela i really enjoyed your presentation

  2. yes zebras have stripes for camaflage

  3. i wish i could have been doing it with ela but i was poorly bit disapointed but well done ela

  4. I loved my hieroglyphs they were really good.

  5. well done Ela you did great I realy enjoyed your presentation its a shame josh want there to do it with you you were even saying to me you would be nervus. Teegan

  6. It sounds cool but we cant see the pictures

    from Jamie2 and Izaac Shelley First School

  7. Well done ela
    My favourite books are about animals
    My family and other animals
    Elephant bill

    And the wind in the wllows. Which is on your tablet ,so get reading
    Love ela,s grandad

  8. Yes teegan i was very nervous .

    From ela xxx

  9. ela yore presentation wa very very very good I love it from alyssa