Friday, 24 February 2012

Presentation Monday (on a Friday)

This afternoon we listened to Grace present about one of her favourite hobbies. She told us about swimming and showed  this website

The history of swimming

Giving her opinions

Asking for your opinions

Listening carefully

The swimming superstars -

Well done Grace, a well researched presentation.


  1. I was very scared and nervous but I was really pleased you liked it !x

  2. well done Grace,you worked really hard at home prepering your presentation,Im so proud of you,keep up the good work.

  3. i really enjoyed your presentation and you have given me a few tips for when i do an extra peresentation on my own i propably will be scared and nervous too

  4. Well done Grace your presentation was great
    there was no need to be nervous.

  5. good presantion grace i lurnt lots

  6. well done grace I have learnt a lot about swimming