Thursday, 24 May 2012

Golden children 24th May

Alyssa and Jamie

 I don’t think I have ever met a more friendly and helpful person. Even our visitor commented how welcoming she was made to feel. You are a credit Alyssa.

Jamie is one of our Digital Leaders and has recently been showing off his skills on his personal blog. Not only does he keep it updated with a range of news but he has also promoted Y4’s blog nomination. Thank you Jamie, every vote counts!


  1. Well done Alyssa and Jamie.

    Great job both of you.

  2. well done jamie and alyssa you should be really proud of your self especially alyssa for bieng a great friend she has been to me aswell.

  3. I really like to be in the gooldn book so much this is my 6 time in the gooldn thank you so much mrs woner. from Alyssa.

    1. Wow Alyssa your 6th time.You must be golden all the time.Well done to you too Jamie carry on been good.

  4. well done u realy desurv it

  5. Well done Alyssa and Jamie you are both golden and both good friends.