Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The new 100wc

I am really excited to announce the new 100 word challenge. This week the prompt comes from Brain Pop.


So, we have Tim and Moby in the jungle, with some cheeky animals and a surprise! You have 100 words to write a creative piece.

Get your thinking caps on Year 4.


  1. I think this 100wc will be easy because we have found all the other ones easy as pie.

    What does everyone else think?

    1. well Elle I think that it will be a bit easy, and I wonder what they have found.
      by Abbie

    2. Easy? I'm not as enthusiastic about the "easy" prefrence because you never know when you are dead on 100 thats why its best typing it up.

  2. I agree Elle we did find the other ones easy as pie,so this one be very easy and exiting.

  3. I think it going to be a bit hard because your writing up to a 100.

  4. I all ready do know what Im doing and I bet nobody will know what my idea is.