Thursday, 10 May 2012


This week in maths we continued to find out about measurement. We estimated the weight of everyday classroom objects.
After finding out what 1kg felt like, the children estimated the weight of 5 different objects.
They made a table to show the item, estimated weight and actual weight.

self assessing - which colour did you put it in?
Did you make sensible estimates?
Were there any surprises?


  1. Super to see you all you doing more measuring practically using the resources around you. Estimating is another important skill to develop as it's a real life skill you'll find yourselves using again and again. Which of the classroom objects weighed roughly the same as 1kg?

    1. The class room object that weighed 1kg was the 14 literacy books they weighed exactely 1kg.

  2. I really liked measuring.The object that weighed 1kg was the 14 litercay books.We had to make sure the scales were on 0.

  3. I realy enjoyed it by Bailey

  4. that day was fun i like,t it i was thith my frinds it was fab.