Thursday, 10 May 2012

Golden Children 10th May

Olivia and Alex

If ever there was a time you needed a friend, this is the best person to call on. Olivia is kind, considerate and non judgemental. The perfect qualities of a perfect friend.

Alex is in the Gold Book not only because he is golden but because of his superb Learning Log. His classmates decided his log was the best one out of them all and is now showcased on our blog.


  1. Well done to olivia and alex you desirve it I bet your proud of your selves.

  2. well done olivia your really a true friend

  3. well done alex and olvia
    you desurv too be in the goldan book
    becouse you are well manord and you
    are Exlant freinds plus you are kind
    and carefull.

    ela logan and josh

  4. Alice y4 + Grace y411 May 2012 at 09:16

    Well done Olivia you are a true freind.
    Well done Alex your learninglog is astonishing.

  5. Well Done Alex and Olivia you deserve to be in the golden book.

  6. well done you 2 you desvet it i wish it was me up there but well done

  7. well done both of you
    you are great freinds
    too from ela logan and joshua

  8. Welldone Olivia and Alex you did great keep it up your doing great.

  9. Well done Olivia and Alex and it is true that olivia is a good friend and alex is really creative with his learning log.

  10. Congratulations Olivia and Alex,

    It is wonderful when we are recognised by others for the things we do. :)

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

  11. well done olivia and alex