Thursday, 9 May 2013

Christian aid week

You may know that it will be Christian Aid week next week. Following an assembly about a girl living in the Amazon Rain forest, Y4 have decided they would like to make a difference too.
Instead of using their 10p for toast next week, they might decide to put it in the Christian Aid envelope.
They will be going without something in order to help someone else.

Here is a link to Christian Aid to learn more about what they do.


  1. I'm not going to use my 10p for toast i'm going to give it to the christian aid because it might save somebody's life.

  2. I am going to give my money up for toast and ice-lollies until the Cristian Aid week is over because it could save millions of lives. Besides the people the money is going to are dying from starvation, dehydration and dirty things that are in the water. They are dying every 10 seconds. I have already donated 60p.

  3. Hi Year 4,

    It's wonderful to read that you have not only been thinking of those who are not as lucky as yourselves but you are actually doing something about it by raising some money. This will make a difference to people's lives, well done to you all.#

    Mrs Stones

  4. I created a poster of Christian Aid in my Reading Journal. It was more like an advert that said; "Try donating some money to Christian Aid and it can go towards saving somebody's life."