Thursday, 2 May 2013

Adjective bingo

Here the children are playing a new game called adjective bingo. 

After looking at the photograph showing several children being evacuated during WWII, the children had to write 9 different words to describe the photograph. If I called out one of the words they had it was crossed off the grid. 3 in a row wins, followed by a full house.


  1. I really enjoyed doing adjective bingo even though it got me thinking I liked looking at different pictures and thinking of there emotions. Jessica

  2. I enjoyed doing the adjective bingo too. It got me thinking. I hope that we can do it again!

  3. Hello Year 4,

    What a brilliant game. :)

    I had used number and word bingo with classes over the years but hadn't targeted adjectives. These are words so important in our writing. They help our readers better picture what we describe.

    Following your Evacuation theme, I can imagine the variety of possible words. Looking at the photos in this post, I can see you saw the loneliness and fears of the evacuees at the railway station. I wonder if any of the children were apprehensive but perhaps excited by their adventure? I could imagine the journey out of London might have been a first for many.

    Ross Mannell
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

    1. I can also imagine the journey out of London it would be pretty scary. Thank you for always putting comments on our blog.

  4. I enjoyed doing the adjective bingo it was really fun doing it about world war 2 i hope we can do it again


  5. I really liked playing the adjective bingo too. It got me thinking a lot. I have got a great idea we could play maths bingo when we are doing maths and we could do spelling bingo in our spear time. megan

  6. I loved that because we had to write the words that was in our mind but I never got a full house or even three in a row. :-( :-D

  7. I liked the adjective bingo because someone might have a word that you don't know and you can learn from it.Dil

  8. That was really really fun! Mrs. Warner shall we write what we see or will that be something else?