Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Maths morning

We had a maths morning today because we spent yesterday doing Big Write edit and improve.

Here are Year 4 working hard learning their times tables.

Rolling the dice to find the times table to use 

Covering the answer

Who will win?

Some numbers covered more than once. Why is that?

James is the leader. He rolls the dice

In teams working together to make 4 in a row
The team choose the number found in that timetable

Checking our answers

Deciding as a team

Alice is the leader.

Who's almost winning?

Well done Year 4. You all worked really hard this morning and I had lots of fun, especially grooving to the songs!
Continue to learn your times tables. Here is a game to help you.


  1. the boy only one once.james

  2. I loved it today it was so fun I like the bit when we went on the board and we went on that game. Teegan.

  3. I think that is soooooooo cool!!

    from Amelia at Shelley First School

  4. Hey i think that looks cool. I bet it is cool

    From Amy at Shelley First School

  5. Wow that would be cool we would love to do that

    Izaac and Jamie Shelley First School