Friday, 24 February 2012


We spent some time exploring this morning and as an extra treat, we continued our Myst Adventure this afternoon.
We left the game on a cliff hanger.

Should we touch it?

Giving instructions to Keaton

Watching anxiously

There must be something important about these.

Go down?

Another door - shall we go in?

Some nervous adventurers

Scared, worried, afraid? What other feelings?

A new leader is given instructions

What can we see, hear, smell and feel?

More nervous adventurers

The excitement is building.

Look at those expressions!

At this point we really did scream!

We are in the lift!

The mysterious person who terrified us.
Who's looking forward to more exploring on Monday?
Using descriptive word choices, write back in full sentences, about how you felt during our journey

Have a great weekend!


  1. it was scary when got to the top of the the lift it freect me out

  2. we all screamd because it was terfing

    from ela

    1. it looks scary too

      from ela s grandad

  3. i am relly happy were we got to but when we
    got to the top of the lift and we saw the
    cave man who took the book i wunder what
    is going to happen next it is very very
    scary we all need to thinc verry hard unless
    it will go rong verry rong but i am shour it
    woulnt becouse we will all comuncate becouse
    we are a teem we will worc togethar and compllet
    the game the game is very hard

    from ela xxx

  4. i agree ela we are a team and we will comunicate i am very nervous though the man is very scary and the music is murderous

  5. When I was younger I used to read adventure books where you had to make decisions. If you wanted to go through the door it would say "Turn to page 142' etc. How lucky you all are that you have an interactive version of the games I used to love. Brilliant stuff!

    Mr Harrison
    Miriam Lord, Bradford.

  6. I agree Ela it was terrifying.

  7. I love being scared
    Interactive games look like great fun and learning too brilliant.
    but you must try a bit harder on your spelling ela
    Ela's grandad

  8. i aggree with you ela by Bailey

  9. Hello, Year 4.

    From the photos, I can see how involved you have all become with a most remarkable interactive adventure. I must say I had spent quite a bit of time exploring the Myth world when it was first released. My classes back then also enjoyed the adventures but, as we didn't have interactive whiteboards or video projectors, we weren't able to share as you are able to do.

    May the adventure continue to the end of the adventure. :)

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

  10. it is realy good and exiting

  11. Abbie and Teegan1 March 2012 at 14:36

    we are realy scared me and abbie it is terrifiying.

  12. the man when we went in lift really made me jump my legs were shaking Bailey said that he was not scared BUT the scary parts are opening doors oyu never know whats there.....

  13. are we a loud to play myst exile again i find it realy fun and intresting

  14. i realy whant it in year 5