Sunday, 26 February 2012

Exciting news ...

I have signed us up for 100 Word Challenge.  Here is a link to find out more.
This week the prompt is ... Oh dear! I forgot it was leap year..

You have to write 100 words about the theme and submit your entry. We can talk about this is more detail next week but if you're keen to look at the work produced by other pupils click here
We can have a look at some of the entries in class too.

I am really looking forward to reading 100 Word Challenges


  1. wow im not sure i can write 100 words about one thing i dont even think its possible

    1. Of course you can Elle! Go back and count the words in your Lost Happy Endings story. You will be surprised.

  2. Hello Year 4
    What a challenge to write 100 words in a story! Some of us are still learning to write one sentence on our own. We will keep on practising our writing and one day we will be able to write that much words as well!
    Good luck!
    Room 4 @ Broadlands School, New Zealand

  3. That is cool an maybe something I can do at home

    From Jamie and Izaac Shelley First School