Tuesday, 31 January 2012

A mysterious coded message arrives in Y4

During guided reading Yellow Team read Pandora's box. After a little bit of reciprocal reading, we got ready for Literacy time but before we could begin, Mr Walls had taken delivery of a very interesting chest. Once the mysterious package arrived in class the atmosphere in Y4 was electric.

Initially some children begged me not to open it, after all, Pandora had caused all sorts of trouble letting out those pesky spites.
As a class we decided to take a risk, Bailey proudly announced he was willing to sacrifice himself for us.
Cautiously we opened it ..

This is what we found inside.
Underneath the scrolls we could see a book and what looked like a map, although it was really difficult to see.

What does it say?

The map

Reading the mystery message.

Inside the drawer was a pink crystal and a small box

Another box it open, I wasn't brave enough.

The map

What is inside it?

A very anxious Mrs Warner

Now time to crack the code

Sharing code

More sharing, then it was playtime but we hadn't completed the coded message

Excited children keen to work out the message

Outside Y4

Another word cracked

A completed message

and so our adventure begins!
The mystery delivery
We are really looking forward to finding out more about the journey that awaits us. 

Who can remember the message? Write back and tell me how you feel about our adventure? Are you feeling brave, anxious, excited?

On Thursday you all designed your own MYST journals. Here are some photos of them.


  1. wow that looks fun ooargh, i always wanted to be a pirate but didn't have a boat,and my mum called me in for tea

    from ela's grandad xxx

  2. This looks amazing. I hope that you have a fantastic journey and look forward to reading more posts as you travel.

  3. I'd love to come see your fantastic lessons year 4 I bet you're having lots of fun!! I bet my children would love to see your maps and scrolls too!! I wonder where they came from??

  4. It was very spooky and mstarios

  5. i am very i exiteed i wonder what journey awaits us

  6. i was scared anxouis worried and lots more

  7. I fellt awsome from jamie

  8. I realy enjoyed cracking the cod

  9. I enjoyed looking what was In the chest with all the the coded letters it was fun alot.

  10. I loved doing that it was good but the only thing i do not like about it is that it is scaring me a little. Teegan

  11. I enjoyed looking what was In the chest with all the the coded letters it was fun alot

  12. i enjoid doing the maps we had a realy fun day at school i felt realy exstted when i saw mister walls with a trester box

  13. I was ok when we first got the cheast ,But when we read the code out it was freaky and I kind of freaked out ,but I still enjoyed !. Grace

  14. I can'not remeber the coded message!Grace


  16. I can this is what it said:you have been chosen.you must go on a journey you must face danger.you may not return you must believe you must follow the book you will see strange worlds.you must believe the books have special powers.you must help others who may tread in your footsteps you must lead others.you have been chosen your journey being now!

  17. this is what it said you have been chosen you must face danger you may not return you must believe the book you will see strange worlds you must believe the books special powers you must help others who may tread in your footsteps you must lead others your journey begins now

  18. What a mystery! I wish I could have done the mystery.

    Izaac at Shelley first school.

  19. What a mystery year 4.

    Jamie from Shelley First School.

  20. Isabella and Lottie24 February 2012 at 10:20

    That sounds exciting, it's a shame that we counld'nt see the pictures though. (They're blocked in our school)
    From Isabella and Lottie
    At Shelley first school.