Saturday, 27 October 2012

Moby, Lola and their two new friends have a bath

Today the snails have had a bath, their tank now contains new peat and they have some fresh, tasty food to enjoy.

Here are some photos;

They've all had a clean

A nibble of lettuce 

A clean tank. Moby and Lola enjoy some cucumber
? and ? enjoy some porridge 

Can you see their eyes?

Tasty porridge 

Can you see their feelers?

Moby likes the look of the porridge

If you want to help me choose names for the new snails please cast your vote.

Mrs Warner


  1. Snails are one of my absolutely top favourite animals!!! They are so incredibly cool! Although once they ate through a box of my file papers when they reproduced and got out of their container... I will love to come back and see how things are going with your snails.

  2. Hello Year 4,

    Snails are certainly interesting gastropod* molluscs. Like all animals in our care, we need to make sure they are well cared for by having a clean environment and healthy food. I can see Moby, Lola and their two new friends are very healthy snails.

    *Gastropod - stomach foot

    I found a link to many photos of mulluscs and even have some fossil molluscs in my collection. Here's a link to the photos if you are interested...

    Teacher (Retired), N.S.W., Australia