Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Fun with shapes

This week the children were challenged to make a range of different 2D shapes using 6 equilateral triangles.

There was a lot of trial and error before sticking them down.

Labelled shapes made from 6 triangles

Counting the sides to help work out the name

Next the children investigated reflective lines of symmetry.
The game we played is here. It's called "Symmetry sort"

Sorting shapes based on reflective lines of symmetry

No lines of symmetry - one line of symmetry - two or more lines of symmetry

Finally the children had to self assess their work. Every session they reflect on their learning and place their book in the tray that best describes how they feel. Year 4 are very good at being honest.

Reflecting on today's work

Placing her book in the green box

The whole class has self assessed their learning

Next week we will continue with some more symmetry activities.
Here is a game to try, can you work out how many lines of symmetry the shapes have.
See if you can spot the shape Jamie researched on Tuesday.


  1. i liked doing the shapes but it was a bit tricky

  2. I enjoyed the shapes they were brill.I am glad our topic is "shapes".

  3. I enjoyed the leson it was fab.

  4. year 4 you are doing some really interesting work this term,well done everyone. i enjoy looking at your blog!

  5. I like the games.From Hannah

  6. i enjoioyed doing shapes it was realy fun.

  7. its good too do shapes because it helps you like when you get older you wont no what a 2d shapes is so thats wye its good too do 2d shapes but it was a bit tricky for me

  8. What a great idea Mrs Warner, I think the trays for self assessment is fab!

  9. I enjoyed the shape game it was fun by Abbie