Monday, 23 April 2012

P4C - A new friend

Imagine you move away from your best friend and your Father, who is an inventor, designs a machine that can scan personalities. After school you arrive home to find a stranger with the same personality as your best friend, sat on the sofa. Can this person replace your friend, even though they share the same personality?

These are the questions the groups came up with after reading A New Friend by Jason Buckley.
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Is Nina only her friend because she is a millionaires daughter?

Is Nina feeling guilty or excited to replace Sadie?

How would you feel if your best friend was replaced?

How would you feel in Lucy's shoes?


  1. if my dad replaced my best friend i would angry and never forgive him.

    if i was in lucy shoes i would feel betrayed because my dad had know all that time that i was talking to a complete stramger not my best friend.

    1. I would feel realy terrified that was gonna happen they may be useing you.

  2. Is Nina only her friend because she is a millionaires daughter?My epinion is...probley so,because Lucy's dad has took it too far by saying he's a millionaire,Nina might be poor who knows?

    Is Nina feeling guilty or excited to replace Sadie?If I was Nina I would feel guilty for Lucy but excited to meet a new friend.

    How would you feel if your best friend was replaced?If my best friend was replaced by my father I would never forgive him and I wouldnt even talk to him because to have my best friend replaced is awful.

    How would you feel in Lucy's shoes? If I was in Lucys shoe's and I came home from school to find my dad had replaced my best friend I would be really upset,always feeling down and still wondering if she is my best friend still?