Monday, 23 April 2012

Big Write Star Writer is ...


Big Write was based on the story we read by Pie Corbett called The King of the Birds. Year 4 were quite confused after reading it because there was no mention of a King of the Birds, however, there was a character who was the King of Horses.
After contacting Mr Corbett, he asked if Year 4 could write Part 2, in which the title of the story would become clear.

So, here are some examples of the stories written on Friday called;

King of the Birds part 2

Children supporting each other to make their work even better.

Reply with examples of the feedback you gave or received from your partner.


  1. me and my partner discussed what i needed to do to inprove it we both thought that my opening was boring and there were thing that were changed when they did not need to be changed.

    from Ela

  2. welldone baily i must admit it was a fab story.

    from Ela

  3. me and my partner dicussed that he needed to read it through to check it made sense beacuse parts of it didn't make sense and we had to add a few bits in to make sure the rader understood what he was on about.

  4. well done bailey your story was amazing I liked how you said 'and the people lived in joyful harmony'

  5. I enjoyed listening to your story bailey It was great.

  6. Hello Year 4,

    What a wonderful task Mr Corbett set for you. Being invited to write the second part of a story involves you all in his imagination and invites you to stretch your own imaginations to complete the story.

    From the part 2 stories I've read, I can see how much thought you all have put into your work. Well done, everyone. :)

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

  7. i got no votes but i had to help LukeA bailey i want to say well done!!!