Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Animation using Scratch

This afternoon Y4 worked together to create simple animations using Scratch

"we made a sprite"

"we imported an underwater background"

"a ghost chasing a a very scared girl"

"We have made a cafe background and 3 sprites"

"we discussed what characters we needed"

"we make a Homer sprite in Donut land"

"we are designing an underwater castle"

Who has downloaded Scratch to use at home?


  1. It Is Amazeing what you can do with animathion softwares It's awsome.
    i like scratch the best because you can make the cat spin. I like it where you can like control the cat. I worked with logan and we made A under water castle with lots of sea creatures and A clam. I enjoyed today.

  2. I must apologise that I have not been on your blog for a little while, things have been rather busy. But I am delighted to see that your creativity continues, you really are leading the way for how to engage learners in different ways. Inspirational stuff.

    Mr Harrison
    Miriam Lord, Bradford.

  3. Thank you Mr harrison.

  4. i had fun i have downloaded scratch and it is amazing what you can do just using a cat and some controls

    also sa big thank you to mr harrison you are an inspiration and a pleasure to still be working with you

    1. I agree Elle, Mr Harrison has inspired us, especially with our brilliant Rainbow writing.

  5. I was very excited to see your post about the programme Scratch. I have heard great things about this programme and in a couple of weeks I'm attending a training course myself to learn all about it and then, hopefully, have the skills to share it with my class. I enjoy learning new skills and it just goes to prove we are all on a learning journey.
    I will let you know how I get on and will hopefully be able to share some of the work by my class in the future.

    Mrs Stones

  6. Scratch is amazing i like it so i downloaded it 9on my computer took alot of space but it was worth it. :)

  7. I absaloutley love scratch it is so fun I dont know how to explain how good it is.