Thursday, 20 October 2011

Making circuits

With Mr Walls, the children investigated how to make circuits. They had to work co-operatively and share the resources.

Can you post instructions of how to make the bulb light up?

What equipment did you need?
What did you do?


  1. i enjoyed doing that it was fun

    from amber xxx :)

  2. it was soooooooooooo funny when we yose the buzzers the made me want to lol from jamie

  3. It was fun By Abbie

  4. i enjoyed doing it it was cool

  5. Looks like I've missed out on some more fun here! This looks such a fab lesson. Hope you all enjoyed it.
    Miss Hillerby

  6. Making circuits looked intricate work. Did you have enough equipment? Let your school council member know so that they can bring it up at the next meeting.
    Your classroom and your work looks absolutely amazing. Well done to the Year 4 team. Staff and children.