Thursday, 13 October 2011

"Work with who you want" Maths week

This week we combined maths with our theme "Houses and Homes" The children acted as architects and builders to construct a variety of houses using 7 cubes only. The rule was the house had to fit on a square of 4 cubes.
Working in collaboration, the children investigated different types of houses and then they were displayed in the brand new street named Warner Crescent.

Instructions on the IWB

A family home using 7 cubes

Team work

More team work

recording the organisation of the rooms

One person building, the other recording the results

checking there's 7 rooms

Warner Crescent

Following this, another investigation was to construction a variety of mansions using 15 cubes on a base of 9.

Are there enough rooms?

demolished home


Another mansion

Recording the variety of ways the cubes can be arranged

Collaborative team work

More team work

Warner Way 

A variety of mansions

Can you see any identical styles?


  1. I loved doing the maths games from hannah

  2. It was ace with the cubes I loved it.One of my faviourte subjects are mathsxx.