Friday, 14 October 2011

Maths week part two

The children have also been working together to design a times-tables board games.

The children then played the games giving feedback to the designers.

It was really enjoyable playing the different games but what the children quickly realised was the importance of clear instructions.


  1. im happy how everyone worked together lovely team we have got in our class hope you agree mrs warner x

  2. I completely agree Grace. We are all working cooperatively, helping when a friend in need and becoming mature Year 4 students.

    I am so pleased I decided to move into KS2.

    A very proud teacher,

  3. i am pleased that you have move to ks2 aswell because we dont need to learn anything new about you and im glad you agree with me thank you

  4. i loved the games hannah

  5. hie mrs waner I RALIE ENJOYD macing maths bord games it was ralie fun and hope we can do It again or some thing lice that. from elaxxx