Friday, 30 March 2012

Quadblogging over Easter

Unfortunately we have come to the end of Quadblogging with our current buddies and will hopefully have 3 new blogs to look at after the holidays.
If you get a chance over the break, could you please leave a comment and let them know how much you've enjoyed visiting their blogs.

I would like to thank;

Epsom Grade 3/4
Mr Curtis
Holme Valley Primary
Class 5CF
Class JL

We have really enjoyed looking at everything going on in your class and I have especially liked borrowing ideas from your teachers.
Thank you for sharing your learning journey with us.

Mrs Warner and Year 4


  1. Oooooorrrrrrr i realy loved quadblogging

  2. Quadblogging is a great idear.

    from ela

  3. Quadblogging was great fun I loved our partners blogs.My favourite thing was seeing all the things they got up to.Thank you for letting us have quadblogging parternes mrs warner.Bye Epson grade3/4 mr curtis holme valley primary class5cf and classjl I will miss you all.

  4. I said thancyou for being awer partner to epsom grade 3/4 mr curtis and home valey primary school but i dont know wether they postid right i am shour they did thow.

  5. I love quadblogging it is fantastistc

    from ela

  6. quad blogging was a brilliant idea its a shame it has to end but i wonder who our new quad blogging schools are its all a big mystery.

    1. i agree elle it could be a mystery