Monday, 26 March 2012

Presentation Monday

What a treat we had this afternoon listening to Alex and James give a presentation about... 

The Simpsons

I could tell they had worked extremely hard on it and had a range of Simpsons merchandise to show. They told us that the show had recently had it's 1500 episode. Did you watch it?

Here the boys are presenting.

Great job boys, well done.


  1. It was fun doing the presontation allthough I was a little nervous from Alex

  2. I love the idea of the children presenting to their class about their hobbies or interests. I can clearly see from the photos how much effort Alex and James put into their presentation. Well done!

    Mrs Stones - Miriam Lord Primary, Bradford

  3. We are a grade 4 class from Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. We think The Simpsons are awesome! It looked like your presentation was very exciting with lots of different materials, like the big muscular Homer. Some of us have Simpsons' gear at home too. We would love for you to comment back on our blog too.

  4. Dear year 4's,
    I really like the simpsons so much.
    It's really interesting their project.
    By bree